Shop For Tights Today at Love Leggings For The Ultimate Fit! Available in 40, 60 & 100 denier. As well as a wide range of colours to match any outfit.

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Coloured Tights

At Love Leggings we have a wide range of coloured tights available in 16 shades, ranging from the everyday black, navy, grey and white hues to the more bold and daring red, green, yellow and brown. Whatever your style, we have you covered.

Opaque Tights

Our 100 denier tights are as opaque as tights come and are perfect for those chilly days whilst you’re out and about. Pair your opaque tights with a cute mini dress or jumper dress for the winter months for maximum style and comfort.

Plus Size Tights

Our plus size tights are available in a range of inclusive sizes to give you the confidence to express your individuality. Suitable for women up to size 22, max 48-inch hips & 5 feet 9 inches in height, we have a style to suit your look perfectly.
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