Womens Yoga Pants

Designed with studio fitness in mind, our Focus yoga leggings are comfortable, supportive and allow you to maximise your flexibility and minimise distractions.

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High Waisted Yoga Leggings

All our Focus range feature a high waistband. High waisted yoga leggings maximise support and comfort, allowing you to focus on your form and technique.

7/8 Cropped Yoga Leggings

Our Focus range comes in both full length and 7/8 cuts. 7/8 cropped yoga leggings give you all the support of our full length yoga leggings with slightly shorter leg length, maximising your flexibility.

Yoga Leggings UK

Our yoga leggings are all designed, stocked and shipped from the UK, allowing you peace of mind that your yoga pants will be with you quickly and securely.

Coloured Yoga Leggings

At Love Leggings, we have womens yoga leggings available in a range of colours, from classic blacks to cute pinks. Browse our range and find the perfect pair of yoga pants for you.

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