Winter wardrobe staples during your pregnancy!

Winter wardrobe staples during your pregnancy!

As much as being pregnant during the summer months can be unbearable, knowing how to dress during a winter pregnancy can be just as much of a skill, to make sure you feel comfortable and cosy for the full nine month period.

Although you may be thinking; “That means I need to get a whole new wardrobe”, that’s not always the case – staying warm and cosy during your pregnancy may just be as easy as looking for your old sweater dresses in your wardrobe that can magically transform to jumpers when you’ve got a lovely bump, and other just as cost-effective and useful life hacks!

When we get to the cooler months, we always expect, even when not growing a baby, to splash out on coats, scarfs, hats and those winter boots, but a new little one on the way is certainly going to cost enough money in itself, so save yourself some money by wearing your favourite coats unbuttoned, and use your old scarfs and hats to keep you just as cosy as can be!

Although there are definitely ways you can save by not splashing out on a range of high cost items, as your body’s changing, so does some of your needs for clothes to accommodate for your bump. Investing in premium basics will make sure you have pieces that you can keep wearing from bump to baby (and beyond!) and our main recommendation would be a pair of high-quality maternity leggings.

Here at Love Leggings, we understand the struggles of women looking for non-see-through leggings that are comfortable and stylish, so we have designed a range of maternity leggings that are made from premium cotton fabrics with a brushed cotton lining to wear inside, outside from morning ‘til night, particularly in the colder, winter months. With sizes ranging from a UK 4-6 to size 28, and a plethora of shades from your everyday blacks, greys and navy’s to your bold pinks, purples and greens – there’s a style to suit any situation! With the added benefit of an over-the-bump waistband, you never have to worry about being uncomfortable, cold or colourful! 

When you have your base leggings, your old knit cardigans, oversized jumpers, and jumper dresses will be your best friends, and paired with comfortable, chunky boots, there’s a look that will carry you through from autumn to winter, and beyond, whilst still looking fashionable and on-trend.

Your cold-weather accessories, including your scarves, hats, gloves and other winter warmers will be a blessing during your pregnancy too, and as you won’t need to purchase maternity versions of these products, there’s even more money to be spent on your new arrival!

For our full range of premium, non-see-through maternity leggings, which includes full length and cropped, please visit our maternity product page here!

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