Top tips on how to make your leggings last longer

Top tips on how to make your leggings last longer




Got a favourite pair of leggings you don’t want to live without?! We totally understand! Which is why it’s so important to know how to care for your leggings. Caring for your leggings properly can help lengthen their lives. And, if you love your leggings as much as we do, you want to keep them around for as long as possible!






Here’s a few tips to making sure your leggings last!


Tip 1: Choose the right size.


It may sound obvious but let’s cover our bases here.


If your leggings don’t fit you perfectly to begin with, they won’t last. If you find you’re pulling them up, if you find the waistband too constricting or the knees get baggy, they aren’t the right size for you. In ill-fitting leggings, you’ll be constantly adjusting. All that pulling and tugging them up will stretch the material and cause extra wear and tear.


So how do you find the right size?


Our leggings are true to size, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to guess your size. However, it’s also a good idea to try them on as soon as you get them. Keep the tags on and you can exchange them if you need to.


Here are a few tips to making sure you have the right size:


They should feel like a second skin: Tight around the bum, hips, calves and thighs. But they shouldn’t be so tight, they feel constricting.


Check your tummy. If you have skin hanging over the top of your leggings (lovingly referred to as a muffin top), they’re too tight. And you should exchange for a bigger size. On the flip side, if you are having to pull them up a lot, you need 1 or 2 sizes down.


Check your crotch. If there’s extra material and it’s baggy, try the next size down. Nobody likes chafing! On the other hand, if there’s extra material around your knees, you need to size down.


Squat test. If you bend down and you can see your underwear, you might need the next size up. All our leggings come with a non-see-through guarantee. But if you’re wearing a size too small, you might be stretching the material too much to keep it opaque. 


Tip 2: Wash your leggings when necessary.


Another obvious one, right?! But, is it?


The less you wash your leggings, the longer they’ll last. Sounds gross but stay with us… If you’ve just been lounging on your sofa in your sports leggings, you can throw them back in the drawer, you should be able to get a couple of wears out of them. But if you’re doing vigorous exercise, wash them after every wear. Leggings are worn close to the skin and bacteria can brew if you don’t look after them properly. (…gross!)


Tip 3: Cold wash your leggings.


You need to know how to wash them. And that will depend on the type of leggings you wear. So ALWAYS check the label. For our leggings, there is no need to wash them above 30°. It’s gentle on your leggings and the environment.


Our Everyday leggings (including Maternity and Children’s leggings) are 95% cotton. All cotton shrinks on a hot wash so it’s really important that you stick to 30.


Tip 4: Turn them inside out.


Before you pop them on a cold wash, turn your leggings inside out. This will help them keep their colour AND, for our sports leggings, protect those little details you love.


Tip 5: Use Mild Detergent


For the best results use a mild detergent. This will keep them clean without compromising the quality of the material. So you’ll have leggings that last longer and look and feel great!


Tip 6: Beware of Fabric softener.


For Sports Leggings NEVER use fabric softener. It could damage the technology that keeps it sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial. 


For our Everyday leggings, you can. It’ll keep them soft and cosy for longer. 


Tip 7: **Do NOT tumble dry**


This is especially true for our Everyday leggings, which will lose their shape. But you should also avoid tumble drying Sports leggings too. If you absolutely have to, tumble dry on a low heat only.


Tip 8: Air dry


Leave your leggings to air dry, it’s better for your leggings and it’s better for the environment. But keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading.


Tip 9: A tip from our customers


For our everyday cotton leggings, once your leggings are out of the washing machine, give them a quick stretch while they’re wet. This will help them keep their length.


If you find, once they’re dry, that they look a little smaller. Try them on. You should find that they stretch back to their original size. If they don’t, wash them on a cold wash and stretch them back into shape while they’re wet.


There you have it 9 tips to keeping your favourite leggings around for as long as possible!

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