The Updated Focus Sports collection

The Updated Focus Sports collection


2020 has been a challenge. But, while others have been learning new languages, kickstarting a new hobby and binge-watching Tiger King, we’ve been working behind the scenes to update our Focus Sports Collection.


Why Update The Focus Collection?


It's already one of our most popular collections. But we wanted to ensure that our Focus Sports Leggings were the absolute best yoga leggings around.... although, it’s not hard to see why you might already think they're already pretty great.


Focus Sports leggings: Features


Our focus leggings are designed for flatter and support you through your workout. They feature a wide, V-shaped waistband, minimal seam design and sweat-wicking, shape-retaining fabric to help you stay focused. And they're so soft, you’ll never want to take them off!


But inclusivity is the cornerstone of our values here at Love Leggings and with every decision we make, we’re always asking ourselves ‘Can we make this more inclusive?’. So when the time can to take a look at our Sports Leggings, we realised we could do so much more. And now we’re so excited to finally be sharing all the hard work our team has been doing to make our Sports collection even more inclusive!


What’s new?




The Focus Leggings feature some of our most colourful leggings: Subtle and sweet Dusty Pink; deep and sophisticated Mulberry Plum; and classic and chic Midnight Black. But we’re not stopping until there’s a shade for every woman! And with this update we’ve added the rich and lush Olive Green.


Focus Olive Green Sports Leggings


While our pink and purple sports leggings are super cute, these colours aren’t everyone’s style. Olive Green is a great choice for those who want a pop of colour without being overly girly… or for those who want a different colour for every day of the week!




Just under a year ago, we added Tall and Petite leg lengths to our everyday collections and your response was phenomenal! Even more women than ever have been able to find their perfect fit on our store. We’ve seen loads of you recommending our new leg lengths to your friends and we are so grateful for every comment. And we wanted to repay your loyalty with even more choice. That’s why our updated Focus collection will now include Tall gym leggings and Petite gym leggings.


Our new tall and petite gym leggings will be available in two leg lengths: full length and 7/8s. Like your normal leggings, our Full length sports leggings should fit at or below your ankle. And our 7/8s sports leggings have an inseam which is 1/8 shorter (this means they'll fit an inch or so above your ankle. )


If you’re unsure whether a Tall or Petite leg length would be right for you, check out our size guide and check your measurements HERE.




We’re committed to making sure all our sizing is inclusive and that meant improving our size range to include more plus sizes. Now you’ll be able to buy our Focus Sport leggings in UK size 6 – 28. That’s four new sizes.


In addition to our extended sizing, we’ve revised all our plus sizes measurement. To make our sizing even clear, and to help you find your perfect fit, we’re no longer offering dual sizes. Our old 18 – 20, will now be an 18 and every size from 18 – 28 has been increased to make sure that all our plus size customers can find the right plus size sports leggings for them. 



We're so excited to have our Updated Focus Sports Leggings collection back-in-stock. And we just want to say thank you for your patience as we make improvements. Stay tuned though, because there's so much more to come...

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