The tights fashion trends you need to know for Spring/Summer 2019

The last few seasons we’ve seen tights appear across the catwalks of all the biggest Fashion Week’s around the world – New York, London and Milan to name a few. Designers such as Saint Laurent, Céline, Chanel, Tom Ford and Gucci have all become part of ‘team tights’, with some of them showcasing some fabulous hosiery trends, so maybe it’s time to embrace the bold and daring, and get on board with some coloured tights this Spring/Summer!

Want some simple tips to make the most out of this trend? Here are 9 ways to wear tights for the season ahead!


1. White is the new black

Although black is always known as the go-to colour when it comes to tights, this year, white is taking over. Yes, it may seem a little daring at first, but white is also chic enough to give your outfit a much-needed boost and is far more original! Pair white tights with muted shades to let the tights really speak for themselves!


2. Brighten up your one-colour block outfits

A fan of all black outfits? Who isn’t! Well, why not think of pairing your simple black midi dress or chiffon blouse and skirt combination with a pair of colour-popping tights? You could try our beautiful Acai Purple shade in 60 Denier for a slightly sheer look for evening, or for the day, stick to 100 denier for extra coverage and thickness.


3. Bold prints

If the latest collections from designers at NYFW is anything to go by, when it comes to tights, the bolder the better. It’s a head-turning look for sure, where all kinds of prints from snakeskin and leopard to abstract graphics appear on the legs, causing pattern clashing outfits. 

If this is maybe a little too ‘out-there’ for you, why not try our Rustic Ginger shade for a muted look that gives just the right amount of boldness for a look that could have come straight off the catwalk. 



4. Let’s forget ‘jeans and a nice top’

Getting bored of the same old ‘jeans and a nice top’ outfit inspiration for your night out? Why not try a pair of sheer, 40 denier tights paired with elegant patent black heels and a slinky dress to update your eveningwear in a different direction. Plus, this means you can wear your sheer black tights for work and take them straight into the evening. Get ready for your outfit to ooze attitude! 


5. In the nude

The perfect nude tights can keep you feeling confident all day long – it’s all about finding the right shade for you. Our Nude shade is available in three deniers for a coverage to suit your preference. Pair with any summertime dress or with your power suit for the office for comfort and coverage all day and night long!


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