The survey results are in! What happens now?

The survey results are in! What happens now?

At the beginning of the year, we asked you to help us shape the future of Love Leggings. Hundreds of you filled out a survey providing us feedback on a whole range of potential new products. And we’re finally ready to clue you in on what our research found…


But first, let’s recap on some of the questions!


We asked you if you wanted new coloured leggings, patterned leggings or some completely new products. Your choices included new classic colours, like new grey leggings, blues.  And light-coloured leggings, like pinks and nudes. And we asked you about new products, like Jeggings and Treggings. Or whether you wanted different material, like leather-look leggings and thermal leggings. And we were overwhelmed with responses!


New colours:


For our collection of coloured leggings, most women voted in favour of another shade of grey leggings. These leggings will add to our collection of grey leggings including Dark Marl Grey and Light Marl Grey. The most popular shade from the selection we gave you was a gorgeous slate colour. This would be a great medium between our light and dark grey leggings. We’re excited to get started designing these!


For the bolder fashionista, you asked for a new green colour. We already have the subtle and stylish Khaki Green Leggings, which are particularly popular in our high-waisted leggings. And our bright Classic Green Leggings which offer a great pop of colour for the daring. Soon you could have a lush darker green to add to your collection – we just need to finalise the perfect shade!


No new leggings collection is complete without the perfect blue leggings! We’ve already given you Navy Blue Leggings and our Infinity Blue (which look a bit like blue jeans) but our survey shows you want even more choice! Your favourite shade of blue was a trendy petrol blue; lighter than our Navy Leggings but with that same rich tone. It’s a more modern alternative to navy blue and an instant classic.


You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for any other new shades… our lips are sealed!


Other Products:


While we love leggings, we’re always looking to improve our collection and offer you more choice. This extends beyond new colours. Other product ideas are an exciting avenue for us and we are so thrilled to see you want them too!


You voted in massive numbers for some of our new product ideas so let’s take a look at some of the biggest wins.


Top of your list were lightweight and breathable full-length leggings for summer. Our Classic and High-waisted Everyday leggings feature a sumptuous, brushed-cotton lining which feels amazing and keeps you super cosy. But, in the summer, you also want a lighter material which allows your body to breathe and keeps you cooler, like our cropped leggings. We’ll be busy making sure you get that same non-see-through guarantee with a thinner, more lightweight material.


Next on the list is Jeggings. For those of you who aren’t sure what jeggings are, they’re a cross between jeans and leggings. They offer the close fit, comfort and soft material of a legging with the stylish look of a jean. Perfect everyday wear. There’s lots of choice for us, so we're busy deciding which jeggings will be best. What we do know is jeggings are going to be super easy to wear! You can style dark blue jeggings you can style with anything. Light blue jeggings will be perfect for spring and summer. And black jeggings you could wear every day or even on a night out. So we know these are going to be big!


For those of you who spend your days in the office dreaming of your leggings, we have the perfect solution: Treggings. Treggings are a cross between a trouser and a legging. They are the perfect workwear offering the stretch of a legging while still sticking to your office outfit guidelines. For formal wear, you can’t go wrong with black treggings, black goes with everything. But should we also do navy blue treggings? What do you think?


Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do here so our new products, whatever they may be, will also be available in plus-size and maternity. Soon you’ll be able to find maternity treggings and jeggings that fit as comfortably as our leggings.


What happens next?


You asked and we deliver!


Now we set about creating these fantastic new products. The development process is exciting, but it takes time and we really want to make sure that we get them right. We’re committed to providing premium products for all preferences and requirements. Every item has to be expertly crafted, checked and product-tested before we launch. We thank you for your patience while we do so and we’ll keep you updated on our progress on our blog and social media!



Congratulations to our survey competition winner: Elena Thomas!


Elena Thomas


We checked in with her to see how she liked her leggings:


"I’m absolutely thrilled with my new leggings!

I'm an artist and a singer, and leggings with boots form part of my every day, every performance “uniform", whether on stage or in the studio. They can get covered in paint and charcoal, and wash beautifully! I love having extra colours, the green and the purple were my favourites, and now I have grey and marl blue and red."


Check out her band performing at a summer rooftop gig... is that a pair of leggings we spy?!


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