The importance of friendships on your mental health

The importance of friendships on your mental health

Whether it’s your sibling, a life-long school friend or work colleague, we all know the importance of having friends to rely on, because just like the Beatles once said, we get by with a little help from our friends! 

Whether you’re wanting to chat about relationship woes, the latest office politics or just need a shoulder to cry on during a moment in need, having a friend to count on is so important, and with the heightened importance of mental health wellbeing rightly being prioritised by more and more people, the importance of having close friendships has been shown to be even more vital for people suffering with mental health issues. 

Recent figures from BBC Radio 4, as part of ‘The Loneliness Experiment’, concluded that 40% of 16-24 year olds were reported to often feel lonely, showing that even with the prevalence of social media and mobile phones, the younger generation still have it harder when it comes to friendships and relationships. Knowing that you have close friends to speak to can make a huge difference at such an influential age, so encouraging your young children and family members to talk about their worries openly is a huge step in making sure they don’t experience mental health problems in the future.

 With 1 in 6 people said to experience some sort of mental health problem during a normal week, according to the Mental Health Foundation, keeping in with friends is such an important day to day task that we should all be partaking in. A spokesperson for Bupa said in a piece for the Metro that ‘good social networks can reduce the likelihood of experiencing feelings of sadness, loneliness or low self-esteem’, whilst also playing an important part in our ‘mental wellbeing’, and when dealing with issues such as ‘stress, depression or feelings of anxiety’. 

As much as having good friends is important, so is making sure you’re a good friend to those around you. Suffering with a mental health related illness can be very difficult when maintaining relationships; as much as you want to spend time with friends, some social situations including going out in public and meeting up in bars and clubs can be too much if you’re feeling particularly stressed or down, so making sure that you are aware and make allowances for this is so important.

 Mental health charity, Mind, suggests just keeping an eye out on your friends who you feel may be particularly vulnerable; keeping in touch with friends including just a text every now and then can let someone know that you’re thinking of them, and can make your friend feel as if they have someone who cares. Listening is also a key factor in keeping our true friends close. As much as we love to talk about our day and share the positive and negative elements of our lives, it’s so important to sit back and listen every now and again, as that few minutes of a heart to heart could shed light on something much more important than the trivial elements of your life at the moment. 

As we’re all about championing women’s friendships, on 1st August we will be celebrating ‘Girl Friends Day’! Be sure to follow our social channels for your chance to win a brilliant prize for you and your bestie, so you can enjoy even more quality time together this summer! We want to hear the reason why you love your best friend, as we want to bring some positivity to their day! 

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