The best ways to keep your little ones busy over the summer holiday!

The best ways to keep your little ones busy over the summer holiday!

It’s not long before the school’s will be out for summer! This means your little ones can enjoy the freedom away from the daily routines of their usual days and can enjoy some rest ahead of the new school year. But as much as your kids can enjoy this new found freedom, us parents and guardians have a much harder job of knowing how to keep them busy during the long summer break! 

So, ahead of the school’s breaking up in the next few weeks around the country, we thought we’d share some top tips on how to keep your little one’s busy, and most importantly, making sure they never say those dreaded words: “I’m bored!”. 

Recent statistics by Post Office Money suggested that the cost of keeping our children busy and entertained over the summer holidays has ‘risen by 25% over the past year’, with parents set to spend an astonishing £7.8 billion to make sure their kids don’t spend their holiday indoors with their heads glued to a screen!

But, summer holidays don’t have to be expensive – there are plenty of free attractions and things to do with your little ones in your local area, so be sure to check out your local village or town’s Facebook pages for all these upcoming events!

For those days when you need to stay in the house, getting your kids involved in cooking or baking is the perfect way to keep them entertained for a couple of hours, allowing them to safely play and create something from scratch! The positives of baking also means that they have something to keep them quiet afterward the cooking or baking process, whilst they’re tasting their delicious treats! They’ll love the opportunity to get their hands dirty, and really feel a sense of accomplishment when they can try what they’ve made from start to finish. Whether it’s cupcakes, biscuits or something savoury, we’re sure the kids will love to spend some time in the kitchen with you!


After a few weeks, the cabin fever may be starting to creep in, but with all our fingers crossed for lovely weather this summer, we’re sure they’ll be plenty of opportunity to get into the garden and enjoy the sun safely with your children. Making dens, getting the paddling pool out or giving them some down-time and encouraging them to read in the garden, keeping the little ones busy during the summer holiday period doesn’t have to cost the earth, and allows your kids to choose exactly what they want to do, in the safety of their own home where you can keep a watchful eye on them! Make the garden even more fun and keep the boredom blues at bay by putting on a treasure hunt, with their favourite fruit or sweets for an extra treat! Also, make sure to dress your little girls in a pair of our comfortable cotton leggings from our Children’s collection, as these are perfect for spending all day in the garden, keeping them cool, covered and able to keep up with them all day long!

Don’t forget, there are also some brilliant cinema releases perfect for the kids this summer too, with the live action remake of the Lion King being a key one to watch for all the family (in fact we’re probably more excited than the kids on this one!). The fourth instalment in the Toy Story adventures will also still be in cinemas during the holidays, so be sure to catch these in your local cinema for a special treat for your little ones at the end of the week!

When it gets towards the end of your holiday, we’re sure you’ll have made plenty of memories that will last a lifetime, as don’t forget, you only have 18 summer breaks, if that, to spend with your children growing up. So, make sure your memories are preserved forever by tasking your kids with creating a lovely picture book or scrapbook with all the activities and day trips your family have made over the break, letting their creativity run free! Not only is it something you and them can look back on and keep forever, it means they can take it back to school with them to show to their friends what they’ve done during their break, and surely will be something they’ll be proud to show off!

We’d love to hear what plans you have for keeping your little ones busy over the summer school break, and let’s start a conversation of different ideas to make this a holiday to remember!

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