Steal her style: Awesome summer outfit inspiration

Steal her style: Awesome summer outfit inspiration

Summer is officially here and, so far, it’s been unable to decide whether we’re in for a scorcher or a wet one. But one thing that’s not undecided is your favourite summer leggings!


When the sun’s out we’ve loved seeing your cute summer outfit ideas on Instagram - and your cosy stay at home outfits when it’s not! From colourful summer outfits that have you looking pretty as a flower, to monochromatic summer outfits that have you looking cool in the heat. When it comes to styling our leggings, there’s pretty much nothing you won’t try in the name of fashion!


And, yes: We’ve been taking notes!


So here are our favourite summer fashion trends for 2020…


First up is white leggings. In the past, there have been so many rules to wearing white that most people just haven’t bothered. But it’s great to see you throwing the rulebook out of the window and owning your own style!


White leggings are a great addition to your summer outfit. They are so versatile, so easy to style, that you can literally wear them with any colour. For a soft summer outfit, pair your white leggings with pastel or neutral colours. Or pair them with brighter, bold colours to make them really pop! And, best of all, they’re completely non-see-through so no need to worry about flashing your underwear.


Personally, we love this white leggings summer outfit from @thegirlwiththegreenbow – perfect for chilling in the sunshine. Christine has gone with pastel pink on white in this gorgeous picture of paradise that has us dreaming of a summer holiday!

White cropped Leggings from Love Leggings

And let’s not forget, out white leggings are also available in Maternity so even with the extra heat that comes along with pregnancy, at least you can look cool! Like 


White Maternity Leggings from Love Leggings


On the other end of the summer-style spectrum are our coloured leggings. And so far, this summer we’ve really seen a show of appreciation for our Acai Purple Leggings. This lush, rich colour is the perfect summer fashion choice for anyone who wants to add a bold, feminine colour to their summer outfit ideas. Great with blues, greys, and pinks, we’re sure you’ll have plenty in your summer wardrobe to pair these with!


Check out @wellheeledlnd killing it in our High Waisted Purple leggings and soft pink knit.

Acai purple leggings from Love Leggings


Colour leggings were born to be part of your summer wardrobe but if purple leggings aren’t flooding your brain with summer outfit ideas, we still have plenty to tempt you with!


For a subtle colour change, check out our Navy Blue, Khaki Green and Chocolate Brown leggings. All three are smooth, darker colours that are easy to wear and a great way to ease into more colourful summer fashion. If you’re ready for a bold splash of colour, try styling our Red Wine and Intense Pink leggings. These coloured leggings make great summer outfits and you can swap out your t-shirt for a cosy jumper in autumn/ winter and wear all year round!


And how could we write a summer fashion guide without mentioning everyone’s favourites?! Black leggings.


Black leggings will never be a ‘seasonal’ choice but they are always a stylish choice.  Great to pair with your favourite white t-shirt and pumps, black leggings are the relaxed summer outfit choice. Perfect for running around after little ones and nipping to the shops.


To take that summer outfit to the next level, why not switch your high waisted black leggings for something a little cooler?! Our Black Cropped leggings are made from breathable cotton material to keep you cooler through the summer heat (…and they’re great for showing off your summer sandals and flip flops!)


Whichever style you prefer, take some style tips from @emilylouisejeal and wear with your favourite t-shirt and pumps (and don’t forget to keep a jacket handy in case the weather turns!)

Black Leggings from Love Leggings


So there you have it! A few of our favourite summer outfit to get you inspired. But summer is far from over - don’t forget to tag us @LoveLeggingsOfficial in your own Instagram photos so we can check out your summer outfits ideas too and use the hashtag #MyLoveLeggings.

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