Shop the trend: Have you seen these summer colours?

Shop the trend: Have you seen these summer colours?

Flashback to what seems like a lifetime ago; February 2020. Fashion week.


Every year well-known fashion houses create beautiful works of art that showcase the latest trends in design. And these shows can be a real force for change in the fashion industry. Each design, each colour displayed is a year in the making. With the best of the best creating and refining until only a few select designs are ready to be showcased to fashion hungry editors, influencers and other industry professionals.


Now, you may be wondering how this affects you. You’re not sitting in your living room, cooking dinner or hanging out with the kids in haute couture. But these trends trickle down to the high street and inspire many of your favourite pieces of clothing. You’ve probably incorporated loads of catwalk favourites into your personal style over the years without even realising it.


February’s fashion week showcased a whole host of chic looks and styles to sink your teeth in to but we are IN LOVE with the summer colours trends this year. These friendly and relatable colours give that sense of ease that’s missing for many at the moment. So, we’re going to show you a few of our favourite summer colours and the leggings that you can use to test your fashion prowess this season…


Fresh of the catwalk in… Flame Scarlet.


This bold, bright colour is perfect for those of you who like to make a statement. Best worn with unapologetic confidence.


The right red clothes to steal this style are hard to find but we have two great leggings options ready for you. These are Red Wine and Poppy Red. Both are beautiful colours but for a more casual version of this particular look, we suggest you take a closer look at our Poppy Red Leggings.


Not sure how to add red clothes to your personal style? It’s super easy! Tone it down with neutral tops like a classic white t-shirt or double down on the bright colours and bring summer with you wherever you go.


Red Leggings outfit


Chic and chilled in… Faded Denim.


While a ball gown and a tailored blazer dress might not be part of your fashion repertoire, you can still rock this look without reaching reach for those jeans. We’ve got the soft and comfortable alternative.


Our Infinity Blue Leggings fit this colour to a tee. Wear them as the super-soft alternative to your boring old jeans and you have an on trendy look, ready to go. It’s a reliable look that will never go out of fashion!


Infinity Blue Leggings


Bringing the sunshine in… Orange Peel.


As far as colours go, this one is quite out there but don’t be put off! Our tiger Orange leggings are perfect if this colour speaks to your soul.


Love leggings tiger orange Leggings

To make the most of this trendy colour, it’s all about the accessories. Dress it up with beautiful statement jewellery or a bag or go beach-chic with sandals and a billowing top. On the catwalk, this colour is best-worn head to toe, but don’t be afraid to rip up the rule book and style it with other colours. Whatever you do, follow your own style and we’re sure you’ll look amazing!



Light and bright in… White!


This is a summer colour that Never. Fails. To. Deliver. Summer would not be the same without it! With so many ways to wear it, you can never go wrong with this neutral shade. But, if you’re in the market for a comfortable alternative to white jeans or a more youthful option that linin trousers, our white leggings will definitely do the trick!


Love Leggings Cropped White Leggings


There you have it, four on-trend summer colours to add to your summer wardrobe straight from the catwalk!


Don’t forget to show off your summer style over on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtags #MyLoveLeggings and #LiveInLove!


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