Over or under the bump Maternity leggings fit for a Princess

With the imminent arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child this month, we thought it was no better time to help you answer one of those very important maternity questions – are over or under the bump leggings better?

During your pregnancy, comfort is key, so as much as advice is good to hear, anything you choose has to be right for you. Some women will only wear over the bump style bottoms, but others swear by under the bump, as they work best for them – there’s no right or wrong!

Leggings are a key piece in many expectant mother’s wardrobe, so it’s important that you invest in a good quality option to make sure you’ll be comfortable from bump to baby.


Lovers of under the bump leggings often suggest they are much less restrictive than some cheaper, low quality over the bump styles, as tight elastic around your growing bump can be quite uncomfortable. Although, many women have their issues with this style too.

Under the bump designs can sometimes dig into the lower part of the bump, particular if they have a tight elastic around the seam, and these can be just as uncomfortable. On the other hand, maternity leggings with loose elastic can be just as frustrating, as many women often express the discomfort of having under the bump styles fall down, which proves both annoying and inconvenient!

The other main alternative is over the bump leggings, and many pregnant women are hesitant to try this design, as the worry of a large, restrictive waistband would be a nightmare for mothers-to-be who just want comfort from morning ‘til night. But, high quality over the bump leggings are designed with comfort in mind, so we say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Over the bump leggings are actually a lifesaver, once you’re converted. 

Premium designs, like our range of Maternity styles, are made from the softest cotton, with a wide, but not restrictive waistband, so you have support and comfort, all in one. Not only do you get comfort, but they’re also the perfect addition to style up your maternity wardrobe, and with our options being non-see-through, you know you can be covered from morning ‘til night.

As we’re just counting down the days to the new arrival, we’d love to know what you think the next Royal baby will be? Will we have a new little Prince or Princess to join the Royal family? Whichever way you’re leaning, we know Meghan will be a fantastic mother – with all the charitable work and kindness, reminiscent of Diana, she has shown during her short time in the family, we know she will be brilliant!