Organising a baby gender reveal party you’ll remember!

Organising a baby gender reveal party you’ll remember!

So, you’ve had the most wonderful news that you’re expecting a bundle of joy soon, and you want to bring your family and friends in on the experience by holding a gender reveal party! A phenomenon that has only become popular in recent years, sparked by the social media generation, a gender reveal party sees expectant parents, or friends or family members of said expectant parents, surprising their party goers in the most creative ways possible, often being filmed as a moment to remember for the family and baby to look at in the future. 

Being such a popular part of a woman’s pregnancy experience in the 21st century, we thought we’d share some inspiration for your upcoming baby gender reveal party if you’re choosing to have one, so there’s one less thing for you to think about during this vital time in your life!

Baby gender reveals don’t have to be expensive, as, let’s face it, your bundle of joy is going to be a drain on your finances as soon as he or she arrives anyway! There are so many ways to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to gender reveal parties, so if you’re looking for a relatively cost-effective way to showcase the sex of your new baby, how about getting your bake on! Adding a spot of blue or pink food dye to a batch of cupcakes for your guests is a lovely way of getting everyone involved in the event and is an easy dessert option too for after the rounds of party food! 

Getting your family and friends involved in the festivities is also a brilliant way to get people engaged in the experience, so make sure to get a vote ahead of the reveal, so your guests can be on team boy or team girl! Have t-shirts printed with their guesses as a memento of the party, which can be something that the guests can keep forever – and they’ll look great on those social media snaps! Old wives tales of guessing the gender can also be done ahead of the party, and they can be tested to see if they actually work for you! It’s a bit of fun, and can’t be taken too seriously, but the older members of your family will love to try these pregnancy myths out on their younger family members! 

 Choosing a theme for your party can also make it easier to think of ways to reveal the gender of your unborn baby, so if there’s a TV, film or comic book series you and your partner love (think Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter!), why not incorporate that into your celebration, as this can make thinking of games, food options, decorations and the anticipated reveal much easier and have an obvious link, so it’s even more personal to you and your Significant Other. 

If you’re a family of game lovers, there are loads of baby related activities that you can enjoy including a game of ‘guess the flavour of the baby food’, ‘guess the due date’ and ‘a baby name race’ to name as many girls and boys name beginning with a certain letter! 

If you’re wanting to go all out and make it a party to remember, why not make those Instagram photos make a real statement and memory for you and your family by purchasing a coloured smoke bomb in blue for a boy or pink for a girl. Make it a surprise for you and your partner by asking a trusted family member to organise this for you, without you knowing the gender, so it’s as much as a shock for you and the rest of your guests! Smoke bombs aren’t too pricey, and can look really effective in pictures, so can really create a picture-perfect moment to remember!

If you’re expecting, we’d love to hear how you’ll be organising your baby gender reveal party, and we wish you all the best in the rest of your pregnancy! Here at Love Leggings, we provide a range of premium, non-see-through maternity leggings in a wide range of shades and sizes to keep you confident, comfortable and covered from bump to baby – be sure to check out our full range here!


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