Not sure what to wear after giving birth?

Not sure what to wear after giving birth?

Well, the news is out! The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have welcomed a little boy to the ever-growing Royal Family, Archie Harrison, and how thrilled did the couple look about introducing their bundle of joy to the world?!

Just days ago, Meghan and Harry faced the World’s press to celebrate the birth of their baby boy, with the new Mum wearing a beautiful Grace Wales Bonner cream toned dress, perfectly showing off her gorgeous baby bump. Still in-keeping with her classic, elegant looks, Meghan’s outfit was the perfect post-pregnancy outfit fit for a princess; but we’re sure she’s not so dressed up as she recovers at home!

If you’re lucky enough to be a Mum, then we’re sure you’ll be aware of the issues of getting dressed when you’re sore, tired and having to care for your new-born – it’s most likely the least of your worries. But, if you’re coming to the final stages of pregnancy or nearing your due date, it’s worth considering some basic outfit options that mean you don’t have to even think about getting up and ready in the morning – key basics are the way to go! This is why, we thought we’d give you a helping hand and highlight the styles you should be investing in ahead of your new arrival!


Soft cotton tunic tops are a must when you’ve just given birth. Anything restricting will certainly put unnecessary pressure on your body and would not be a suitable option immediately after giving birth. Cotton tops are the perfect option as the material will keep you at a comfortable temperature, and most importantly, give you the comfort you deserve.

Investing in a pair of maternity bottoms is also key – you may be wanting to fit into your old wardrobe as soon as you can, but give your body time to recover, and never be hard on yourself if you can’t fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. Jeans should probably be a no go for immediately after birth, but high waisted leggings, maybe even maternity styles, will be the perfect option to throw on in the morning – and let’s face it, they go with everything! Premium cotton pairs are the best option, as they have been designed with comfort in mind, and with a wide, soft waistband, they won’t put pressure on your tummy, particularly if you have healing scars that shouldn’t ever be restricted.

We here at Love Leggings offer a wide range of non-see-through maternity leggings, perfect to keep you comfortable both during your pregnancy and afterwards, with a wide waistband that doesn't add too much pressure, but keeps you feeling covered during your recovery. We have a wide range of shades, from your everyday pair of Black Maternity leggings, a fashionable Khaki Green shade for a casual outfit when you can finally leave the house and why not go bold with the gorgeous True Blue shade.

Even though Meghan has proved you can wear heels post-partum, it’s fair to say that many of us won’t want to be grabbing for our strappy pairs just yet, so it’s important to find style that works for you – that could be a pair of memory foam trainers, or ballet flats, it should always be a pair that works for you and your body, to match with your new lifestyle. You can still be your usual fashionable self, but being comfortable will be your main concern once the little one is here!

For baby’s that have arrived in the summer months, wrap dresses will be your best friend, allowing you to easily breastfeed, are comfortable and flattering for any figure. We’re sure Meghan will be reaching for these as the warmer weather hits in the next few months!

We know Meghan will be a brilliant Mum to little Archie, and we know you’ll be just as good of a Mum, so we hope these tips have been helpful! Your post baby body is something to be celebrated so we hope these simple, but lovely pre and post pregnancy outfits can give you some inspiration to feel confident after your little one has arrived safely.

For some additional comfort post baby, don't forget to check out our range of non-see-through maternity and high waisted leggings in a range of shades and styles to help add a key basic to your post-partum wardrobe!

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