Make the most of your bank holiday weekend

Make the most of your bank holiday weekend



Let’s face it, us Brits LOVE a bank holiday.


Usually, we’d be heading out on a day trip, meeting friends or shopping like there’s no tomorrow. We know this year is looking a little different than the bank holidays that have come before.


But that doesn’t mean they have to be less fun! If you are struggling to find new, fun things to do here’s a couple of fun ideas to try this bank holiday




Quiz Night


Video calling has become the new normal with the Love Leggings team. But instead of the usual meetings and updates, you could host a quiz night. Create a virtual hang out for your girlfriends, or family members. Decide on the number questions each section should have. And get everybody to create their own section based on their favourite topics. That’s it, you are all set!


Since lockdown began, we’ve nailed some history questions, got lost in geography and questioned the science. But they don’t all have to be serious. Some of our other subjects have included ‘Fact or Myth’, ‘famous Richards’ and we’ve even guessed the celebrity hunk based only on their abs (that was a fun round!).




Not up for a quiz? If you are lucky enough to have a garden, a picnic is a great way to spend your bank holiday. And everyone can enjoy some sunshine now we can sit in parks if we keep up with social distancing. Grab your blanket and some tasty treats and make camp on the nearest patch of grass. Monday is set to be quite warm so don’t forget to get to grab your sunscreen and a pair of our cropped leggings to keep you cool.


Don’t want to just sit there and enjoy the freedom? Grab a book or some lawn games and get the family involved!


Movie Marathon


Your favourite movies are always just a few clicks away!


If staying out of the sunshine is your aim for this bank holiday, you can still go to amazing places with the magic of the cinema. You have 72 hours of the bank holiday to enjoy… imagine how many movies you could watch. Did you know a non-stop Harry Potter marathon takes 19 hours and 39 minutes? Theoretically, you could watch every movie 3 times before this bank holiday is over! And there are even more Nicholas Sparks movies, you could have a romantic movie marathon.


All you have to do is stock up on your favourite movie snacks, close the curtains and snuggle up on the sofa in your comfiest leggings.




If you want to be a little bit more productive this bank holiday weekend, now is a great time to declutter! It’s so cathartic. And the skips are back open so there’s no excuse not to get rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the years. Embrace your inner Marie Kondo: If it doesn’t spark joy, donate or chuck it! (Please note, this does not extend to children and significant others. They have to stay.)


Our team have been doing a bit of this over the last few weeks. We’ve tossed old hockey sticks, flatpack drawers, old wellies and broken pots. You name it, it’s likely been covered in cobwebs sitting in storage for the last few years.


But the absolute best part of decluttering: Once it’s done, you have more room for new stuff like a whole wardrobe full of leggings!

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