Love Leggings’ top 5 maternity fashion essentials

Being pregnant is a lot of things – exciting, nerve-racking, enlightening and can, at time, be uncomfortable, let’s face it.

But, we always like to see the positives in things here at Love Leggings, so we also look at it that being pregnant gives the perfect excuse to get a whole new maternity wardrobe, right? Well, maybe not a WHOLE new wardrobe, but just as your body is changing, so do your needs, so we thought we’d outline our top buys to invest in ahead of your little one’s arrival and to help during your pregnancy.

1. All day wear – a jersey dress will be your new best friend

It might not be the height of ‘fashion’, but as all expectant Mum’s will know, comfort is key during pregnancy, alongside anything ultra-practical, so a simple jersey dress will be your go-to for all day wear! 

2. That’s a wrap!

Tight t-shirts might not always be the best option to go in the latter stages of your pregnancy, so a lovely wrap top is the perfect stylish and comfortable option, and can even be perfect for nursing once your little one has arrived!

3. Invest in flats – stylish and chic!

Move aside, slinky heels, versatile flats are the way to go during your pregnancy! Including the obvious comfort aspect of our ballet flats, they’re also the perfect way to add a certain level of chic to your office or day wear, all while being pain-free – win-win!

4. Leggings – and lots of them!

Comfort is key, particularly during pregnancy, so leggings are the dream! Maternity leggings come in all shapes and sizes, but we here at Love Leggings sell a wonderful over-the-bump design with a non-see-through guarantee. Yes, you heard that right – non-see-through, the words you’ve been waiting to hear! We’re sure your leggings prayers have been answered already, but we also provide 11 different shades to choose from, so they’ll be a colour to perfectly suit your current wardrobe - you’re welcome!

5. Cardi-cool

Remember when cardigans were always your grandma’s favourite? Well not anymore; cardigans are cool again. A cardi during your pregnancy is perfect as it can keep you cosy, but with many maternity styles featuring a lovely, thin wrap belt, you can also be a winner in the style stakes, the perfect solution for those upcoming spring days when it’s too warm for a coat, but not warm enough without one.

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