Leggings – the perfect travel companion? What to wear for your next trip away

The arrival of April means many of us will be counting down the days to some well-deserved TLC in the form of a sunny beach holiday, city break or tour across the UK. So, whilst you’re watching that countdown, you’re probably thinking about the prep; doing the (boring but necessary) admin, getting the beauty essentials, and then, our favourite part, sorting out those perfect holiday outfits!

Whether you’re making the most of the British countryside or heading abroad to a warmer or colder climate, adding a pair of leggings to your holiday wardrobe could be the perfect solution, and we’re going to tell you the reasons why!

Firstly, leggings are THE comfort queen, and wherever you’re travelling, being comfortable is key. Whether you’re on a long flight or sitting in the car for a few hours, feeling unrestricted is such a treat, and can help you get into that relaxed mindset before you’ve even reached your destination.

Alongside the obvious comfort that they provide, leggings are the perfect ‘no-fuss’ packing essential. Not only are they not bulky, which means more room for everything else, but when you pop them on for a day out, they stretch to fit your body, so any creases from being folded up in a suitcase will disappear! 

With such a wide range of women’s leggings options available, including high waisted or classic styles, and a cropped length for a warmer weather option, with just one pair of leggings in your suitcase you have so many different outfit options! Just switch up your summer tops, blouses, oversized tees or shirts to create a new outfit for your entire summer holiday getaway – there’s so many possibilities! 

If you’ve decided on a trip abroad for your summer holiday treat, the chances are you’ll be taking a long or short haul flight to your destination, so make sure you make yours as relaxing as possible by selecting the perfect outfit for your travels. A pair of our non-see-through leggings will be a godsend on any flight, as they can keep you covered all day (or night) long, and with the added bonus of a brushed lining, the plane’s air conditioning will not be an issue for you if you feel the cold!

With a wide range of shades, styles and sizes (our Everyday Cotton range runs from a UK size 4-6 to 28) available, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect holiday style to suit your summer outfits and destination!