Introducing the All-New Maternity Tights Collection

Introducing the All-New Maternity Tights Collection



At the beginning of the year, we asked you to tell us what new products you’d like to see Love Leggings offer. One of the most popular answers we receive was maternity tights.


So, we set about creating the perfect Maternity Tights to add to our collection.


We conducted rigorous research on what makes the best maternity tights. And we spent lots of time choosing the very best microfiber that wouldn't ladder or break. When we were happy with our product, we were ready to test them out.


We sent our new maternity tights to some lovely mums-to-be. They were more than willing to give their honest opinions on our new product.


The results were overwhelming. Over ur testers said these tights offered the perfect amount of support for them and their growing bumps and that they were completely comfortable. What more could you want?


We know how important comfort and support is to you during this special time. Our maternity tights are designed to keep you comfortable and supported all day.


Here are the 4 features that help us achieved it:


An Anti-pressure Waistband

Hate it when the waistband starts digging in? We know how much of a problem that can be for all of our mums-to-be. That's why we made sure our maternity tights feature and anti-pressure waistband. The waistband sits gently over your bump without cutting in or restricting your movement so you can stay comfortable all day long.


Back Support

Standing when you are pregnant is essentially exercise, especially the further along you get. With gravity and your growing bump, it’s often your back that suffers most. We included additional back support in our maternity tights to help stop pain and fatigue. It offers gentle compression that supports your bump without confining you.


A Supportive Bump Band

And while our maternity tights are supporting your back, they are also supporting your bump. Our comfortable bump band keeps you covered and supported whether you are sitting or standing. Great for helping to alleviate discomfort around your back and under your bump.


Extra Softness

In addition to all that support and comfort, all our maternity tights are made with high grade microfibre that has been softened with aloe vera for an extra-luxurious feel.  They feel silky smooth!



These super soft and supportive maternity tights come in 2 deniers. Our 100 denier tights are almost opaque offering complete coverage and a little extra warmth. Our 40 denier tights are almost sheer giving a subtle hint of colour while still keeping your legs cool.


Love choice? The colours you told us you wanted most were Black, Nude and Navy and that’s exactly what we have on offer. These are classic colours that never fall out of favour. They go with almost every colour and make the perfect addition to any outfit.


Show us your Maternity tights outfits on Instagram using the hashtag #MyLoveLeggings


If you are looking for a great pair of maternity tights, try Love Leggings' and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.  

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