International Women's Day: Our 5 Wonder Women of the Year

International Women's Day: Our 5 Wonder Women of the Year

Whether she’s your mother, sister, friend or lover, women are at the centre of everybody’s lives. In fact, everything that we do here at Love Leggings is for this remarkable gender, yet we still find that many of their wonderful achievements go unnoticed.

This Friday marks International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to highlighting change across the world and celebrate the extraordinary women who make the world a better place. 

To celebrate the day, we’re taking a look at just a few of the millions of inspirational women of 2019 so far. As Queen B would say, “Who runs the world? Girls.” 

1.    Bella Mackie 

“When my marriage ended, I realised that a lifetime of anxiety had left me unable to cope. Then I pulled on some old leggings and started jogging…”

 Bella recently published her first book ‘Jog On: How Running Saved My Life’ and has been comfortably rubbing shoulders with Michelle Obama in the bestsellers list. In her book, she bravely and elegantly addresses her own very personal experiences with mental health, and how she has found an unexpected support system through running. 

We’re also obsessed with her life motto of ABJ (Always Be Jazzy), wearing colours and accessories as wild as possible…because why not! 

2.   Oprah Winfrey

“I wanted to build a school for girls who are like me” 

Placed 9thon Forbes’ list of ‘The 100 Most Powerful Women’, Oprah is a formidable force to be reckoned with. The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girlswas founded by Oprah back in 2007, providing impoverished girls in South Africa with an educational opportunity to match the top prep schools of the United States. 

 Deservedly, Oprah is to lead the 2019 ‘Women in The World Summit’ for their 10th anniversary, focusing on the question “Can women save the world?” If Oprah’s actions are anything to go by, we definitely think so.

3.   Olivia Colman 

“This is hilarious, I’ve got an Oscar!” 

If you haven’t heard about Olivia Colman winning an Oscar for Best Actressin a Leading Role, then where have you been? Former ‘Peep show’ star was the first Brit to win this award since Kate Winslet in 2009, and the 11th British woman to have won ever. 

Olivia also charmed the entire world with her emotional rollercoaster of a speech, including blowing a raspberry at the person telling her to wrap up. We hope every future Oscar speech will follow suit! 

4.   Jameela Jamil 

“I still suffer from body dysmorphia. I can’t get rid of it. Something’s wrong with my brain and I will rally against it forever”

Jameela has used her platform to become an advocate for body positivity. She has spoken out against photoshopped pictures to make her ‘look white’, celebrities promoting harmful quick-fix weight-loss products, and the toxic culture of body shaming.

The Instagram movement ‘I weigh’ was started by Jameela, showing women that they should value themselves beyond flesh and bones. It has encouraged a whole community of women to submit their qualities as a way of measuring themselves, rather than relying on the scales.

5.   Ariana Grande 

“God is a woman” 

It’s no secret that Ariana has been dealt a very rough deal over the past few years, simultaneously being heavily scrutinised by the media. Despite what life has thrown at her, Ariana keeps coming back fighting even harder. Earlier this year she released ‘Thank U, Next’, breaking the record for the most album streams ever by a female artist in one week.  

This album has showcased Ariana’s fierce nature, emphasising the importance of loving both yourself and your girlfriends. She even bought engagement rings for all of her friends! 

Be sure to find out more about this year’s International Women’s Day, and its #BalanceForBetter campaign at

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