How to smash your summer style with leggings

How to smash your summer style with leggings


Can you wear leggings in summer? … OF COURSE, YOU CAN!


Anyone who’s tried our full-length leggings knows how cosy and thick they are, so we understand that these aren’t always an option for the summer heat. But whether you can’t stand being too hot or you just want to shake up your summer wardrobe, leggings can still be part of your summer style!


If you haven’t already, check out our cropped leggings and we’re about to tell you why you should…


We don’t mean to big ourselves up here, but our cropped leggings are pretty special.


Our cotton cropped leggings are made from a lightweight fabric providing maximum comfort and breathability, even in the sweltering heat. All this with our non-see-through guarantee! So, you stay cool and covered, no matter how warm it gets outside.


Now, imagine chilling in a deck chair listening to the birds sing, or running around the garden with the little ones. You don’t want to be constantly pulling up or adjusting your leggings! You need leggings that sit on your waist and stay there. The mid-rise waistband of our cropped leggings will stay put. They’re like our classic leggings which are super comfortable and non-restricting. Whether your relaxing or running around, you can depend on these leggings to keep you cool, covered and to provide the perfect fit.


Our cropped leggings are a great addition to your summer style, perfect for wearing around the house or heading out into the heat. Pair with your favourite t-shirts, tops and tunics for a casual summer outfit. Or dress them up with a summer dress. If you’re a shoe lover, cropped leggings are a great way to show off your sandals and slides. For a daytime summer outfit, go with flats sandals and slides. And, for a fab party ensemble, cropped leggings can keep you warm as the sun goes down and show off your heels!


We’ve got a fantastic range of colours to suit your summer style so let’s go through some of the favourites…


The black cropped leggings are the easiest to style and are also available as maternity cropped leggings. It’s well known in women’s fashion that black goes with everything, why should that be different for your black cropped leggings? go for a more bold summer style by pairing with a crop top (just don’t forget your sun cream!) or if you like to feel protected from the sun, pair them with a colourful tunic. The summer outfit possibilities are endless!


Almost as popular as our black cropped are our white cropped leggings. White is a great addition to your summer style. Light and bright, without committing to a bold colour. To smash your summer style with a pair of white cropped leggings, help the colour of your top pop, with a bright colour, or keep it chic with contrasting neutral colours. Our Instagram is full of great summer outfit inspiration, so when you’re stuck take a look.


If you like a more colourful summer outfit, we have a great selection of other colours to choose from. Classics colours like blues and greys always make a great outfit choice but keep your mind open to other possibilities. While you might not be looking for colours like our acai purple cropped leggings, we guarantee you love them! With so many choices on offer, you’re sure to find the perfect colour for your summer style.


We’re all-inclusive here at Love Leggings. That means everyone can grab a pair of leggings and perfect their summer style. Take a look at our range of plus size cropped leggings which are available in sizes 14 – 28. Our plus size cropped leggings are a great choice for plus size women. You can stay cool and comfortable while rocking your summer style.  Cropped leggings look fantastic on every body type so pick a few and you’ll have loads of great summer outfits to choose from. And we also offer plus size cropped maternity leggings for all you mothers-to-be!


If you’re looking for clothes to get the kids to last them through the rough and tumble of the summer holidays, look no further than our children’s cropped leggings. Just and cool, comfortable and easy to style as our women’s leggings. And you can even pick matching colours!


Don’t forget to show off your cropped leggings summer outfit on Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #MyLoveLeggings.

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