How to find leggings that actually fit you perfectly

How to find leggings that actually fit you perfectly


 When it comes to leggings, everyone deserves to find the perfect fit. 


A great fit can completely change your look, not only redefining your outfit but enhancing your silhouette. Taking you from ‘I just picked this outfit off the floor’ to a primped and polished, style queen. And it all starts with making sure you pick the right size.


Our leggings are designed to ensure our sizing is as accurate as possible. But, with sizes varying between brands, it’s hard to know what your size actually is. The first port of call should always be our size guide. Whether you work in centimetres or inches, you’ll find a handy approximate measurement for the waist and hips to get what you started.


Once you think you have your size figured out, we need to talk about length. As much as every woman might want the height of a supermodel, not every woman was born the be the same height. That’s why we offer 3 different leg lengths in our Everyday Leggings and Maternity Leggings, to accommodate the majority of women.


Our short leggings, Petite leggings, are most suitable for women 4’10” to 5’3” offering an inseam of 27 inches (68.5cm). You can check out our full range of Petite Everyday Leggings and Petite Maternity Leggings in our store.


Our Regular length leggings are perfect for women 5’4” to 5’9” offering an inseam of 30 inches (76cm). You can check out our full range of Regular Everyday Leggings and Regular Maternity Leggings in our store.


And our long leggings, Tall leggings, are most suitable for women 5’10” to 6’2” offering an inseam of 33 inches (84cm). You can check out our full range of Tall Everyday Leggings and Tall Maternity Leggings in our store.


(It’s worth noting that because the everyday material is so stretchy, this can only be an approximation.) These lengths are designed to fit at, or just below, your ankle. If you prefer a slightly shorter fit, bear that in mind when picking your leg length.


For most women, this should be enough to ensure you have the perfect fit. But, if you want to be extra sure that your leggings fit properly, TRY THEM ON!


We offer a 30 days free UK returns policy which is super easy to use so you can try them on and exchange them if you are not 100% happy with the fit. And the ‘Pay Later’ feature from our partners, Klarna, ensures you can try before you buy.


When you’re them trying on, there are a few signs that can tell you if they’re not the perfect leggings for you.


If you find you have baggy leggings, your leggings are too big. From a baggy crotch to saggy knees, if your leggings feel baggy anywhere, they are not the right size for you. Our leggings should fit like a second skin, almost to the point that you forget you are wearing them! If there’s excess material on the waist, crotch or knees, think about sizing down.


You should also think about sizing down if you find they slip or fall down. No one wants to spend their day hiking up their leggings. It’s not fun. It’s not cute. But, before you assume the worst here’s a top tip: Try swapping your underwear. For material like our Sports leggings, the wrong pair of undies can cause your leggings to slip. Slippery material like satin, silk, nylon might be the reason your leggings aren’t staying where they should be.


On the flip side, issues with the opacity might be caused by the fabric being overstretched. If your leggings feel tight or restrictive, you need to size up. All our leggings come with our non-see-through guarantee, and we are extremely proud of the quality of our thick leggings. If you are worried, but them to the test. All our leggings should be squat proof, so when you bend or squat, no one should be able to tell what colour underwear you’re wearing!


If you’re having an issue with the waistband rolling down, particularly when you bend or sit, this could mean they are too small for you. No need to worry, you can exchange them for the next size up, no problem!


While most of our customers do find their perfect fit with the first pair of Love Leggings they try, our friendly and efficient customer service team are on hand to answer any question you might have. And assist you in exchanging your leggings. There are loads of ways to get in contact with us. For the full list, head to our contact us page.

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