When do the clocks go forward this month? Get back the comfort when the clocks go forward

This Mother’s Day, Sunday 31stMarch, also happens to be the day when we (unfortunately!) lose an hour’s sleep, as the clocks go forward to mark the start of British Summer Time.

But, even with the wonderful concept of the warmer months being on the horizon, it’s fair to say the clocks going forward aren’t fully welcomed, as, let’s face it, we’d all appreciate that extra hour in bed during our weekend!


With it being Mother’s Day, a Sunday and the day the clocks go forward, we’re interested to hear how you’ll be spending the day! Will you be making up for that lost hour of sleep by relaxing with the most special lady in your life on the sofa watching your favourite chick flick, or will you be treating her to a delicious afternoon tea at your favourite café to give her the special day that she deserves?

However you choose to spend the day, and whoever you decide to share it with, maybe your Mum, auntie, grandma or best friend, what we’d always say is that you should spend it in comfort, as it’s not just Mother’s that need a treat on the weekend!

With a wide range of premium Everyday Cotton leggings options available, here at Love Leggings we have a style to suit any setting. If you’re making the sofa your home for the day, our Everyday leggings are perfect for lounging, with a brushed cotton lining and thick, high quality cotton being used in creation to become the ultimate comfort companion. If instead you’ve gone for the afternoon tea or Sunday lunch in her favourite restaurant option, our Black or Navy High Waisted leggings are the perfect solution to feel both confident and covered with our non-see-through guarantee, and most importantly, comfortable from the minute you put them on.

Whatever you choose to day next Sunday, remember to keep an eye on the clocks to move them forward an hour at 1am – no one wants you to miss that afternoon tea!

Will Brexit affect the clocks changing?

The rule of the clocks changing was decided in 2002, following research by the German parliament, by the European Union. So, when we leave the EU shortly, will we still follow this rule? Well, we do still have to abide EU rules during the transition process which could last until 31 December 2020. The UK have until April to decide whether they will continue with this post-Brexit, so watch this space!