Galentine’s Ideas for You and Your Besties

Galentine’s Ideas for You and Your Besties

Step aside Valentine’s day, you’ve had your time!


While, yes, we do love our partners, nothing compares to the love we have for our friends. Galentine’s Day, the 13th February, is a day to celebrate the friendships that made you who you are today. And while Valentine’s Day might end up being a bit anti-climactic this year, one day that won’t disappoint is Galentine’s Day. Think about it: the pressure to have a perfect evening is off and when was time spent with your besties ever boring?! Never.


Here at Love Leggings, we’re all about sisters before misters. We love any opportunity to celebrate other women. And celebrating the wonderful women who’ve stood with us through thick and thin? … Like we need an excuse!


Over the past year, socialising has changed dramatically. Without meeting face to face, it’s been more challenging to check in with friends and find out how they’re doing. But, while we may be dreaming of our next coffee date, there are still loads of fun things to do virtually. Check out our list of tried and tested ways to celebrate Galentine’s day this year.



Cook a meal together


Do you ever cook while pretending you’re on TV like Nigella Lawson? (Just us?!) This one’s a bit like that.


Pick a recipe you and your friends all like, get the ingredients in beforehand, pop your laptop / phone / tablet on the kitchen counter and ‘Ready, Steady, Cook!’. And at the end, you get to enjoy a Galentine’s Day meal together too!


This works well if one of you is a particularly good cook and can talk your through the preparations. And, because you’re all cooking separately, you can substitute anything you don’t like!


Top tip: Unless your headphones can stretch from the cooker to the fridge, wireless headphones are a must for this one!


Watch Parties


If you are your friends aren’t doers, watching a movie together is a perfect passive activity. Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus all offer watch parties (… even Facebook offer it!). A Watch Party is a new way to watch TV and movies together and interact from anywhere in the world, all you need is a subscription and a WIFI connection!


Pick a classic movie you love or watch something new; the choice is yours. To celebrate Galentine’s Day, why not check out the best, best friend movies? Movies we’ve loved include: Booksmart, Hidden Figures, The First Wives Club, Thelma and Louise, Bridesmaids, Girls Trip, Pitch Perfect, Clueless… The list goes on!


Top Tips:

  1. Pick the movie BEFORE you start, or you’ll waste an hour picking something you all agree on.
  2. If it’s your first time trying a watch party, read the instructions beforehand or one of you will be stuck fiddling with the tech.


Games Night


For those friends who are hyper competitive, a Galentine’s Day games night can be an easy way to lose a few hours! While board games might not be the best idea for a virtual get-together, games like Pictionary and Charades are perfect for a video call. Let’s just hope everyone is still friends at the end! And, if you want a terrifying look into your friends’ psyche, try Cards Against Humanity… there’s an extension pack for every interest!



Send Post


Want to make your bestie feel extra special? A card or handwritten note can go a long way. Write them a love letter, a funny letter, send them a card, send them a gift (leggings are always appreciated) however you feel comfortable expressing your affection. It’s the thought that counts!


Over the last year, we’ve sent and received seeds for the garden, jigsaw puzzles, a hand-drawn art, artisanal gin, loungewear and lots of lovely photos and letters. Every handwritten envelope really has made our day.

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