Easy ways to inject colour into your wardrobe

Easy ways to inject colour into your wardrobe

With Pride Month just around the corner, we think it’s about time you added some much-needed colour into your life – and what easier way to do that than with your clothes!

Being bright, bold and brave with your clothing colour choices can be easier said than done; we are all guilty of grabbing the nearest pair of black trousers for work, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones picking our go-to blue denim jeans when we get to the weekend? So, how’s the best way of incorporating bold colours into our wardrobes then? 

Well, it’s fair to say you can wear whatever colour you want, we’re all for that, and we know you’ll look great, but certain colours are said to best suit certain skin tones, so there is definitely some science behind choosing the best shade to make your colour choices stand out, and not in the wrong way.

For those with gorgeous warmer skin tones, colours on the warmer side of the colour wheel will work perfectly for you, with olive, red, coral, orange, gold and yellow being your go-to shades. These sorts of colours can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe with neutral hues, which are also a great match for your skin tone, making sure you have both a bright pop of colour, and something natural-toned to make any bold colour look more wearable.

For those with beautiful cooler-toned skin, you guessed it, colours towards the cooler end of the spectrum will be perfect for complementing your skin tone, with bright blues, dark greens, purples a ruby shades fitting the bill. Picking these brighter shades will help to not clash with your lovely skin tone and mean you can effortlessly add colour to your wardrobe, without feeling drowned out.

So, you’ve selected the shades best for you, and now, how do you start to incorporate colour into your fashion choices?

Well, starting from the bottom is your best bet! Coloured bottoms can really give your outfit a lift, and paired with a neutral colour palette, can really help you reach the style stakes this summer.

If you’re all about the comfort in your clothes, bright, non-see-through leggings will definitely be the way to go if you’re in the market to bring something bold to your summer. With a range of cropped leggings that are perfect for the warmer winter months, the offering from Love Leggings means you can stay covered, confident and cool when you need it most.

For those warmer skin tones, our top colour of choice for you would be our Khaki Green Cropped leggings, as they’re the perfect amount of bold to be wearable, and easily toned down with neutral shades. If you’re really wanting to stand out this summer though, we’d go big with our Tiger Orange shade! Perfect with whites and creams, we know this shade will be your summer staple – if you’re brave enough!

For ladies with cooler-toned skin, we’ve got the perfect shades for you too! Our gorgeous Red Wine cropped leggings are a perfectly wearable shade that can be the ultimate summer holiday cover-up over long tunic tops and flowy dresses. Alternatively, another key favourite we know you’ll be reaching for is our Acai Purple shade, as this is a lovely deep colour that can be dressed up or dressed down.

With a wide range of sizes, from a UK 4-6 to a size 28, we know there’s a style to suit you, and most importantly a colour to bring some brightness back into your summer wardrobe. Be sure to check out our full range of stunning shades available here!

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