Date Ideas For Valentine's Day

Date Ideas For Valentine's Day


If you’re coupled up this year, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to take a break from the monotony of life in the midst of a pandemic. And your Valentine’s Day date is going to look a little different this year so you’re going to need to get creative! But, just because a candle-lit dinner at your favourite restaurant is definitely not happening this year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other way fun ways to celebrate.

Everyone’s relationship is different. Some enjoying doing activities together, some enjoy just relaxing together. Picking the right Valentine’s Day date depends on you and your partner. We’ve put together a few Valentine’s Day ideas to help you plan out your special evening.

The Sofa Date

If, as a couple, you love to cuddle up and watch a movie, play board games or video games, then a sofa date is the perfect Valentine’s Day date. For low-key couples, it’s not about what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with! These Valentine’s day date ideas are best paired with a side of pizza (… or your favourite takeaway) and can last until the food runs out!

The sofa date is also perfect for couples living apart. Watch a movie together, using watch parties, or try online games. Alternatively, if you want to get a little fancy, try a wine and cheese board. Stock up on a bunch of your favourite wines and cheeses and pretend you’re in a Parisienne bistro… after all, Paris is the city of love!

And, while you’re planning ahead for your Valentine’s day sofa date, don’t forget your outfit! While your valentine’s day outfits don’t need to be too dressy, you need to at least make an effort! Comfy clothing is a must but steer clear of your ratty old t-shirts or PJs – that’s not romantic! Valentine’s day outfits that say comfort dessert, start with our lounge leggings!

The Dinner Date

For the couples who like to go all-out, a candle-lit dinner at home is the perfect Valentine’s Day date idea for you. If you’re lucky and your favourite restaurant has switched to offering takeaway, dinner is a non-brainer – you don’t even have to cook! If not, there are plenty of places offering a cook-your-own meal pack. For extra-romance, dim the lights, add soft background music, crack open the wine and cook side-by-side.

Making the dinner date a really special occasion is all about the little extras, dress the table with fancy candles and napkins, starters and dessert are a must and don’t forget to dress up too!

Put down the loungewear and put on a bra! Dressy Valentine’s Day outfits for dinner at home should be comfortable and flattering. Our treggings are great occasionwear and make the perfect base for your valentine’s day outfits. With a tailored look and subtle seam design which elongates your figure, you’ll feel comfortable and confident. Just pair with a pretty top and accessories with jewellery or heels.

The Romantic Stroll

For the active couples, a romantic stroll is a day-time date idea that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing quite like a romantic stroll with your partner, the stunning scenery could bring you closer together as you reflect on how in love you are. Why not amble around your local countryside and explore the paths you’ve never taken?

To take this valentine’s date idea to the next level, prepare something special. It’s probably too cold for a picnic, but you could still cuddle up under a blanket, with a thermos full of hot chocolate and enjoy some snacks!

With the cold weather looming, staying warm is essential. Make sure your Valentine’s Outfit has plenty of layers to offer your extra protection from the wind! Made with thick, high-quality material, our sports leggings are perfect for your hike - they’ll keep their shape and keep you warm!

There you have it, three Valentine’s Day date ideas to get you started planning your own! However you choose to celebrate this year, we hope you have a lovely day.

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