Child-friendly Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank!

Child-friendly Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank!

If you have little ones, you’ll understand the stress of getting their Halloween costume just right – oh how they can kick up a fuss if they’ve changed their mind at the last minute and want to be a superhero, not their favourite TV show character like they’ve be saying for the whole month prior (ok, maybe that’s just us then).

But Halloween is supposed to be fun for all the family, (that includes you, too!) so why not make your life easier and read our top gender-neutral costumes that are quick and easily recognisable, and don’t break the bank!

Hogwarts Student

Whether your little one wants to go down the Dark Arts route in Slytherin or would prefer to be the hero and choose Gryffindor, a Hogwarts student costume is a really simple and recognisable Halloween costume for the spooky season. (For a little extra fun, visit the Pottermore website and have the sorting hat choose your child’s house for them!)

Our Black Children’s leggings will be a great base for this outfit, but the pièce de résistance for this costume will need to be the accessories. A black robe can easily be purchased online for a reasonable price, and printing out the crest of your child’s chosen house and attaching this to their robe and a knitted scarf will be the perfect finishing touch! A wand or old kitchen broom will be the perfect way to complete this easy-peasy Halloween look!

Mario Bros.

This is a great costume for two best friends, if they love video games and want to match on Halloween! Mario and Luigi have their iconic red and green shades as part of their outfits, so matching t-shirts are a must for this look! For a cheaper alternative, why not try iron on transfers for the ‘M’ and ‘L’ logos, which are much more cost-effective, and have the exact desired effect!

Pair our True Blue Children’s leggings with your tees, white trainers, white gloves, braces and matching red and green caps to finish off this look nicely! Get their whole class involved by having them each pick characters from the games, including Yoshi, Princess Peach, and the evil Wario and Waluigi!


An iconic character from the Disney universe, Pinocchio will be an easily recognisable costume for your little one to dress up in, and doesn’t need much of an extravagant costume to successfully portray the cartoon!

Our Poppy Red Children’s leggings will be the main base of the costume, and a simple yellow t-shirt will already allow the look to take shape. A collar and dark blue bow, along with a waistcoat and braces, which can most likely be purchased from your local charity shop, will be the perfect accessories for this look, and finally the iconic Pinocchio hat can easily be made from card via a range of tutorials online! It couldn’t be easier!

Scooby Doo

Everyone’s favourite crime fighting cartoon is the perfect unisex costume for your little one if they want to try something different. Face paints will be a great addition to this look, and can be purchased online for a decent price, and can last for most of the day, no problem. 

Our Chocolate Brown Children’s leggings are the perfect autumn winter staple anyway, but they can also mimic the perfect Scooby Doo shade to capture the look perfectly – pair with a matching coloured tee, a fake dog collar and dog ears from an online store for next to nothing, and any Scooby Doo related toys as a prop, and you’ve got a look to keep the ghosts and ghouls at bay!

We’d love to hear if you’ll be trying any of these costumes for your little one this Halloween, so don’t forget to let us know in the comments! For our full range of Children’s leggings in a range of spook-tacular shades, click here!

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