Celebrating the cult-classic this ‘Mean Girls Day’!

Celebrating the cult-classic this ‘Mean Girls Day’!

The noughties were a decade to remember for a number of reasons, but arguably one of the best things to come out of the era was of course the comedic genius, Tina Fey’s, ‘Mean Girls’.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or never had a conversation where it ends with ‘you’ve never seen Mean Girls?!’ with a look of disdain, then I’m sure you’ll have seen the classic chick flick, with all its quotable moments, iconic outfits and empowering leading ladies (whether you love or hate Regina George, she is a force to be reckoned with!)

In celebration of one of the defining movies of a generation, die-hard fans picked up on the dialogue between leading lady Cady Heron, played by child-star Lindsay Lohan, and love interest Aaron Samuels (Jonathon Bennett) asking her what the date is, and the answer of ‘October 3rd’ meant Mean Girls Day was born.

Each year, October 3rd sees fans from across the globe share their favourite quotes, memes and iconic scenes across social media, and we expect that, as the film celebrates its 15th anniversary, 2019 will be no different.

So, what can you expect from Mean Girls Day? Although it’s not an official holiday (which we strongly disagree with, we might add) there are plenty of ways to get your friends, family and work mates involved! In the past few years, brands and even charities have been getting involved with the special day!


You can’t not watch Mean Girls without continually repeating ‘On Wednesday’s, we wear pink’ whenever someone mentions the shade! Consumer intelligence group, Brandwatch analysed this further, discovering that social mentions of wearing pink on a Wednesday peaked to just under 300k against minor mentions on other days of the week. With pink being the colour used to support Breast Cancer Awareness charities, last year many fans of the show not only wore pink in reference to the film, but also to support the charity, alongside brands raising money through the sales of branded merchandise, through linking back to the unofficial holiday – that is so fetch!

Lead star of the film, Lindsay Lohan is also a keen social media fan, so keeping an eye on her feed on October 3rd will potentially mean behind the scenes gossip, all-new Mean Girls related content, and as she’s still pushing for a Mean Girls 2, you never know what else may be on the cards!

And what better way to celebrate the film, than watch it, “DUH!”. Grab your friends, get cosy on the sofa with your Everyday Cotton leggings in Intense Pink, and enjoy the film just like you did 15 years ago!

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