Celebrating Mums: Powerful, talented and full of love

Celebrating Mums: Powerful, talented and full of love


Here at Love Leggings we know Mums could rule the world – they just choose not to.


They are powerful, talented and full of love. So, let’s take a minute to talk about why mums could rule the world.


Let’s start with the basics…


Without your mum, you would not be here.


From a biological point of view, if mums didn’t physically produce a new human, humanity would cease to exists. That’s Girl Power! (Shout out to Dads, of course, but this is a blog about Mums.)


 And then there’s all those years between then and now when your mum has stopped you from doing all the reckless things that you now stop your child from doing. (...We all turn into our mothers in the end, don’t we?!) She stopped you from sticking your finger in the plug socket and instead taught you how to finger paint. Tried to stop you from jumping off the top step and was there to catch you if you did it anyway. Took the playdough away before you ate it and swapped it for some veggies and a sandwich. Basically, your mum saved you from yourself every day from the day you were born to the day you left home (and beyond!)


They are multi-tasking Goddesses!


Making breakfast while making packed lunches? Check. Driving you to school and testing you on your spelling?! Yep. Your mum did it all and, now you have to, you’re wondering how she managed it. Mums are always thinking about a thousand different things they need to do at any given moment. They juggle work, the house, kids and a busy schedule. And somehow, they manage to hold it all together – how do they do that?! It’s a talent you seem to magically acquire that first year of motherhood.


With those multi-tasking skills, you could be the supreme leader of a small country, not just your family…


Mum’s are geniuses.


How many times have you answered the question ‘But why?’ with the same answer your mum gave you? ‘because I said so!’


You start motherhood not knowing anything. Yet somehow you learn to understand what your baby wants and how to keep them happy and thriving. And along with this comes new-found wisdom. Suddenly you know all the answers to the random questions your toddler asks (even if you have to google it first). Raising kids broadens your understanding of the entire world. And, when you’ve successfully negotiated a peace treaty between your kids, how difficult could world leaders be?


Mum’s are awesome and Mother’s Day is a great time to show your mum you care.


For the UK and Ireland, Mother’s Day 2020 is on 22nd March so there’s still time to buy your mum a card and a present to remind her what an awesome woman she is. For everyone else, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. This year that’s May 10th so there’s still time to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.


If you are looking for a great gift to surprise your mum with this Mother’s Day, or to suggest to your children, our leggings make a great gift. They are perfect for any woman who enjoys a relaxed street style and a comfortable outfit!


Every woman deserves leggings that are soft, comfortable and completely non-see-through. Our most popular leggings are, of course, black but we have a selection of classic and contemporary colours to go with any style.


Not sure what she’d like? We also offer an e-gift card.


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