Are you and your little ones ‘Back to School’ ready?

Are you and your little ones ‘Back to School’ ready?

With the summer holidays coming to a close, your kids may not be ready to go back to school, but we’re sure you’re definitely counting down the days to get some structure back into their (and your) lives! You may be busy keeping the kids entertained during the final week of the school holidays, but giving yourself one less stress to worry about is great in the form of a ‘Back to School’ checklist!

There are plenty of things to remember before your little one heads back to the classroom, including preparing them for school life, if they are heading to primary school, or making their way up to the ranks to high school. But, regardless of age, your kids always need the same essentials when returning back to school, so we’ve outlined the key pieces that should be on your list when getting the little one’s prepped for a new school year.


New uniforms, pencil cases, school bags and stationery are the key items that are all on parents minds ahead of September, and can be easily picked up from supermarkets for relatively good prices at this time of year. Making sure to have back up clothing is also a must, as let’s face it, kids know how to make a mess or lose their uniform! Making sure to get some name labels printed is also a perfect way to make sure your child can be responsible for keeping their clothing and belongings, and reduces the risk of having to repurchase uniform that goes missing.

Alongside all the physical items that need to be purchased ahead of the back to school rush, it’s also important to make sure that your children are mentally prepared for starting school, particularly when starting primary school, as the school day takes a lot of getting used to for little ones. The easiest way of prepping them ahead of the new school year is simple; just talk. 

Being open and listening to your child is vital, as they may be nervous about a lot of things, including making friends, being away from you for the first time, or the pressures of learning, so discussing what they can expect, including hearing how they feel, will help you understand where you can support your child more. If they have an older sibling that has done the transition from nursery to primary school, it may also be good for them to try and talk on a similar level to your little one, as this can help to reassure them of any worries they may have.

 Although the summer holidays may have been a time where your child could be free to stay up later than normal, and lie in earlier in the morning, getting back into a routine just ahead of the new school year can really help to make your child more focused at school, and ready for the day ahead. Starting this just before the summer holiday ends means your little one will be more used to the early starts, and the new school year won’t be as much of a dread when the first Monday morning arrives!

 When your child starts back into the school routine, we’re sure they’ll be taking part in a lot of after school activities, so it’s great to make sure they have sufficient down-time to help the wind down to bedtime. Getting them into their comfortable, cosy Children’s leggings from our collection will make sure they can have some comfy TV time, or can get them ready for a lovely bedtime story.

Let us know how you’re getting your little one ready for the new school year in the comments! For more advice by BBC Bitesize for you and your children ahead of starting school, be sure to see its range of resources and new Back To School campaign here.

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