Are leggings appropriate to wear in the workplace?

In the past 25 years, the working world has changed, drastically. Dolly Parton may have been the Queen of Country, but she wasn’t right about working patterns, as nowadays, working 9 to 5 is not the way most of us make a living. Strict shift patterns are a thing of the past in many industries, offering up the freedom for workers to plan their own schedules to suit their lives. So, in a world where flexibility rules, can we say that this idea has been extended to our wardrobes too?

Workplaces still stipulate how they require their employees to dress, this is often due to the nature of the job or for health and safety purposes. But if you work in an office-based environment, do you think you should have the freedom and flexibility to include leggings in your workwear wardrobe?

For many of us, leggings are a comfortable option for day to day wear, but is that to say that they can’t be smart enough to wear to meetings or whilst we’re sat behind a desk for 8 hours a day? Well, as our Everyday Cotton leggings have been designed to be non-see-through, and made from a thick quality cotton material, we think they are the perfect solution for staying comfortable and confident for a long day in the office!


The importance of keeping leggings looking smart enough for work comes in the styling. A simple shirt and leggings combination can keep you feeling cosy, but smart enough for a morning full of meetings with prospective clients. Paired with some pointed flats or brogues, this leggings look should be the perfect go-to for your workwear wardrobe.



By selecting a higher quality pair of leggings, you can also be guaranteed that they’ll stand the test of time, and not lose their stretch or sag, as many high street alternatives do. This means that you can ensure your workwear look is smart enough for any catch up with your boss or for a crucial meeting with a client.


You may think black leggings are your only option for work too, but that’s not the case! Our True Blue shade is the perfect alternative, particularly in the upcoming Spring months, to add a bit of colour to your office wardrobe, and you can do so knowing you still look as professional as you are at work.

With a wide variety of options available at Love Leggings, including Classic and High Waisted fits, and Full Length and Cropped styles, there’s the perfect style, colour and size here for you! Be sure to check out the full range here.