5 awesome tips to make working out at home easier

5 awesome tips to make working out at home easier

Who needs a gym membership when you can workout from home?!

We are all spending more time inside than ever before and, like us, I’m sure you’re getting a little stir crazy.

Over the last few weeks, the saviours of self-isolation have been the personal trainers and fitness influencers. They've spreading positivity and flooding the internet with easy-to-follow workouts that you can do at home.

(Check out our blog ‘4 free exercise classes for you and the kids’ for a list of our favourites)

But at-home workouts can come with their own set of challenges, like the temptation to put them off and put them off until it’s time for bed. Instead of letting isolation steal your mojo, try out top tips to staying at the top to working out from home.


Tip #1 – create a little workout space.


Hard to do in a house full of kids, we know. But, if you are working out alone, try to find a quiet space. Add a basket full of any workout essentials, like resistance bands, weights or a yoga mat. Lastly - I cannot stress how important this step is – check for any stray toys. Accidentally standing on a Lego mid-workout will hurt. A lot.

Having a little workout space is a great way to feel more in control of your exercise routine and will help you get into the right headspace. Organising your space so that everything you need to close at hand will make it easier to get started. And the easier it is to work out, the less excuses you have for not doing it.


Tip #2 – Get into a routine.


If your plan is to just work out when you feel like it, chances are you won’t feel like it. Make a plan, commit to it and add it into your normal daily routine.

Did you know it takes close to 60 days to form a new habit? If working out wasn’t in your pre-isolation routine, it might seem harder to start. But staying indoors means you’re spending less time on your commute to work or to school. This is time you can re-purpose for your workout. Plus doing it in the morning means you don’t have the chance to put it off or think of an excuse.


Tip #3 – Don’t do it alone!


Stay motivated by working out with others. Stay in can be a little lonely but it doesn’t have to be, this could be a great excuse to socialise and still be productive.

There are tonnes of ways to workout with someone else, from roping in someone from your household to video calling with a friend. It can even be as simple as following along with your favourite fitness app or influencer.  Or get to kids involved and try PE with Joe, it’s supposed to be for the little ones but it’s still great fun for us grown-ups too.

Exercising together is a great way to keep things fun and check-in to make sure everyone is feeling okay.


Tip #4 – Set a goal


It’s not necessary to measure the success of your workout by a weight loss number.

There are so many different ways that exercise can improve your everyday life. Measuring by one of these improvements might motivate you more than a number on a scale. For example, if you want to improve your flexibility, your goal could be as simple as to be able to touch your toes. And, when you’ve cracked that, to put the palm of your hands on the floor.

There is no one way to measure how you improve so pick something that matters to you. Making it meaningful, will motivate you more and achieving it will give you a big boost in self-esteem.


Tip #5 – Congratulate yourself.


Celebrating your achievements is a big part of keeping to yourself motivated. If you manage to work out every day this week, that’s a big deal! Congratulate yourself. If you smash your workout goal, that’s a big deal! Congratulate yourself. Be as kind and as positive to yourself as you would be to your best friend.  It’s okay to be proud of yourself.

And what better way to congratulate yourself for achieving your goals than with a new pair of leggings?! After all, looking good can make you feel great. And our leggings are designed to flatter every figure. 

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What are your tips to working out at home?

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