4 Reasons We Love A Gift Card at Christmas


I’m going to say it: Gift cards get a bad rep and it’s completely unfair!


Everyone has that awkward friend or relative that is super difficult to buy for. Either they won't tell you what they want or they're so fussy you know they'll take it back no matter what you buy! The solution? GIFT CARDS!!


Here at Love Leggings, we love receiving a gift card so, we decided to offer you the option.


And, just in case you're still not convinced we're right, here are our top 4 reasons to give your loved one a Love Leggings Gift Card this Christmas:


1. Leggings are a great gift.

Sure, we might be a bit bias, but don’t you think everyone deserves to be comfortable?! With our thick, unbeatably soft cotton fabric, our leggings are unlike anything else that’s out there. If comfort isn’t enough, don’t forget: They go with everything. From a cosy woolly jumper for a casual look to a pretty dress for a warm and covered dressed-up look. You know they’ll get plenty of use out of your gift.


2. A gift card is a practical gift.

Do you know their size? Are they regular height? Tall? Petite? When you gift clothing, it’s hard to determine what will fit well. With a gift card, they find their perfect fit and you don’t have to ask any awkward questions! 


3. You can buy it without leaving the house!

Technically, this is true of all our products but, hey, who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their sofa?! It also saves you bags of time: No wrangling the kids and driving to the high-street, no facing the Christmas crowds and no queue at the checkout! Head to our website and in minutes you’ll have a gift card code sitting in your email inbox.


4. It guarantees they get exactly what they want.

This is a sneaky two-for-one benefit: They get a gift that you know that they will love because they chose it. And you don’t have to spend the rest of December worried that you made the wrong choice! The right gift for them, less stress for you.


So how do you get your hands on one of our gift cards? It's super easy!


Follow the link here, enter your details and within minutes you'll have a gift card code in your inbox. How you choose to gift it is up to you! You could print out the email... write it on a card... or, for the very crafty, create your own gift card!

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