4 old-school summer activities you can do on staycation

4 old-school summer activities you can do on staycation

Summer is well underway and now… the summer holidays have started!


While things are slowing getting back to normal, more families are opting against hopping on a plane and sunning themselves by the pool this year. If you’re one of those choosing a staycation, you might be feeling pressure to find other ways to make this summer special.


For most of the Love Leggings family, the kids have already been at home for a while now. They’re stir crazy and a little bored. And without school, there’s even less to distract you and the kids from the sweltering heat.


Don’t sweat it, we’ve come up with 4 fun summer activities that are always a hit …retro style.


Go back a generation or two and you’ll notice that holidays abroad were less common. Yep, your grandparents were staycation-ing before it was cool. What fun summer activities were on their summer bucket list? We’ve taken inspiration from our ancestors and refashioned some of our summer holidays favourites.


Bike Rides


When you think of retro- summer activities, you think about being outside.


What is a better outdoor activity than a good, old-fashioned bike ride? It’s a great way to help the kids burn off some of that extra energy and you can feel the wind in your hair and pretend you’re in Amsterdam or Paris. (… if only!)


Stick to the shade and make sure to stock up on sunscreen and water. Add a picnic and dine alfresco. If you’re looking for learning-based summer activities, why not teach your children roadside safety while you go, or name the trees, or look for creepy crawlies. Unplug and get out there! These are memories your kids will cherish forever.


If you’re looking for indoor summer activities, you’ll love the next on our list:


DIY Ice Lollies


Because, how can you think of summer and not think of ice lollies?! For your grandparents, this might have been ice creams by the seaside but we say, why not throw a deckchair in the garden and relax there?


Ice lollies are a great way to cool down and they’re fun to eat. It’s a nice, indoor activity you and the kids can do together. They get to choose the favour they want, learn more about food prep and they get a treat at the end of it!


Making your own could be considered eco-friendly and cost-effective. For a small, one-time cost, you can have an endless supply of ice lollies in your freezer all year round. No nasty plastic packaging and they haven’t travelled from far away via truck, train or plane so no issues with carbon emissions.


But the best part of DIY ice lollies is that they don’t have to be kid-friendly. There are plenty of adult-only recipes to try too! From G & T ice lollies to prosecco popsicles, there’s plenty here to keep you going all summer long. These aren’t your grandma’s ice lollies, they’ve been given a modern, alcoholic kick and we are here for it. (Just don’t forget to keep out of reach of children, and consume responsibly)


Garden Water Sports


Where your grandparents might have played by the riverside, your family can stay cool closer to home with summer activities that include water.


Swap a hotel swimming pool for a paddling pool this summer staycation. Add water pistols or water balloons and get the kids running around the garden to channel their energy into a fun game.


There are tons for fun summer activities that include water. From chasing giant bubbles made with hula hoops and fairy liquid to a DIY sprinkler, you don’t have to go big, to have some summer fun.


Wardrobe Refresh


If you have some extra time on your hands this summer, there are practical summer activities you can get stuck into too. For example, refreshing your wardrobe.


Start by ditching your old worn-out threads. Anything that has holes, torn seams etc that can’t be fixed, go to the skip. Repair what can (…make do and mend, just like Grandma). Anything that is still in one piece but that you don’t wear goes to the charity shop and everything you still wear and love can stay where they belong… with you.


BE RUTHLESS! If it doesn’t fit you properly, toss it! If you only wear it once a year or less, it goes. We are all guilty of keeping things we won’t wear but, that top with the tags in could go to a better home. Donate it!


Once you’ve got rid of those unloved items, go through what’s left. Anything that you can only wear in winter box up and store. This is your winter wardrobe. Bring it out when the weather turns colder and then place the summer stuff (i.e. your summer wardrobe) in storage during winter. That’s going to save you space in your wardrobe.


You can do this for your kids too, or you can help your older children do it themselves.


This is a great way to see what you have and what you need. (If you’re short on summer clothes, be sure to check out our cropped leggings.) And once you’ve done it, you don’t have to think about it for at least a year!


There are loads to do this summer, even if you’re planning a staycation at home. These are just a few of our favourite summer activities to get you started. So, go have fun, and don’t forget to make some memories!

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