3 household items you can use to boost your workout

3 household items you can use to boost your workout


Getting in shape, without hitting the gym might seem impossible but that shouldn’t stop you! Your parents and grandparents didn’t have shiny gym equipment or the latest fitness apps to help them stay in shape. 

Now is the time to get creative with your exercise. You can do all those things you were afraid to try in the gym, no one’s going to judge you at home!

Like you, we’ve been missing some of our favourite exercise essentials, so we’ve been looking for at-home alternatives to keep our fitness on track!


Here’s what we’ve found:


The stairs


The stairs are a great way to boost your cardio. Like the stair climber at your local gym, walking or running up the stairs is a great way to build muscle in your legs and bum, (so you’ll look even better in your leggings!). The repetitive motion helps to tone your lower body and, by keeping your posture straight, you’ll also be engaging your core muscles.  Switch it up by alternating between walking and running to really get your heart pumping.

Make it tricky: Carry weights, heavy books or a child with you up the stair.


Empty Milk Bottles


Don’t have any dumbbells around? Once you’ve finished your milk, don’t throw away the bottle, fill it back up with water and use them as weights. Jog up and down the stairs with them or add them into your exercise, like using them when you squat. The great thing about making your own weights is that you have total control of how much they weigh. If you can only handle a small weight to being with, you can add to the bottles as you improve. 




Chairs are great for exercises like dips. Place both hands on the front corners of the seat, extend your legs. When you're ready, bend your elbows to lower yourself down and straighten your arms to raise yourself back up. It's great for the triceps and you can watch your favourite shows (or more likely, your kids favourite shows) while you do it!

Make it tricky: Try push-ups from an elevated position on the chair. For an incline push up, place your hands on the seat and your legs outstretched with your feet on the floor. Or your feet on the chair with your hands on the floor for a decline push up. These exercises are great for pushing you that little bit harder.


We know how hard it is to stay motivated to stay active when you’re stuck inside. But never forget how important exercise can be for your physical and mental wellbeing. From helping fight heart disease to helping fight depression, exercise has a variety of positive effects that can help you stay healthy.

To support you through this difficult time, we’ll be sharing lots of advice on how to stay active. If you have any question or anything you’d like to hear about, get in touch on our social media feeds.

Want a little help finding exercises you’ll love doing? Check out our blog 4 free exercise classes for you and the kids. 

And when you’re looking for a little extra motivation, check out our sports leggings. Our most popular pair are the Focus Midnight Black Sports Leggings but we have loads of gorgeous pairs to choose from. You’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit!

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